Wireless Hidden Camera Detector-Full Band 6 GHZ

Wireless Hidden Camera Detector-Full Band 6 GHZ

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Wireless Hidden Camera Detector-Full Band 6 GHZ


The hidden camera finder detection device detects wide range of spectrum from 900MHz to 6000Mhz and detects all analog Wireless Video Transmitters, Video Links, Baby Cameras, Satellite Receiver Transmitters, Wireless Security Cameras and all kinds of Wireless Secret Cameras. has the ability to show. Audible - Vibrating alert is possible. Thanks to its super ideal dimensions, it offers pocket-type portability. This provides a good protection against the risk of stealthy viewing anywhere you want (in your home, at your office, in your hotel rooms, meeting rooms, locker rooms etc.)


Technicial Specifications :

Frequency: 900 Mhz - 6000 Mhz (including all intermediate frequencies)
Detection Type: Analogue Audio Video
Tuner Type: Pro.Video Tuner
Search Type: Manual - Automatic
Alert Type: Audible - Vibrating
Scan Speed: 10 - 20 Sn / Round
Manual Scan Range: 1 Mhz / sec. / 10 Mhz / sec.
Sensitivity: ~ 20mV
Battery: Built-in Li-ion 3.7V 2200 mAh
Working Time: 2.5 hours
Energy - Charging: DC 5V 2 Ah
Dimension: 95x94x24 mm
Weight: 164 gr



Thanks to today's shrinking technology, it provides 100% effective detection / protection against hidden cameras that can easily be hidden in every article. A hidden camera is a very successful product that must be used before it gets hit. Not only does it detect wireless hidden camcorders in your environment, it also allows you to see all the devices that are making wireless video transfers, such as baby camcorders, wireless security cameras, video links, satellite TV transmitters, etc.,