AR 60 Mobile X-Ray System - X-Ray Konteyner Kamyon Tır Tarama

AR 60 Mobile X-Ray System - X-Ray Konteyner Kamyon Tır Tarama

- Ürün Kodu: XR-01
- Stok Durumu: Stokta var


X-Ray Konteyner Kamyon Tır Tarama Cihazı


X-ray kamyon , tır , konteyner , kargo , cargo tarama sistemleri

 X-ray Kamyon , tır tarama görüntüleme sistemlerimiz ile gümrükler , limanlar , terör bölgeleri geçiş kontrol güzergahlarında kamyonlar , tırlar üzerine yüklü ; konteyner vb. yüklerin içerisinde patlayıcı madde , yasaklı-kaçak madde ve kaçak yolcu gibi durumların acil , hızlı bir şekilde tespitini yapabilirsiniz .

X-ray kamyon,treyler,tır içi görüntüleme yabancı , yasaklı madde , patlayıcı silah vb. tespit sistemlerinde siz değerli müşterilerimize hizmet vermekteyiz . İhtiyacınız olan sistemleriniz ile ilgili lütfen firmamız mühendisleri ile irtibata geçiniz .


%100 yerli büyük araç , kargo arama tarama görüntüleme sistemlerimiz 2 yıl garantilidir. Atom enerjisi kurumu yetkisi ile tesisimizde istenilen güçte üretim yapılmaktadır.




 Kargo , konteyner , tır , kamyon x-ray sistemleri sabit veya hareketli olarak imal edilirler.

1. Sabit olan x-ray tarama , arama, görüntüleme sistemlerinde ; Cihaz sabit araç içinden geçer . Araçın görüntüsü 40 km/saat hıza kadar tespit edilir. Full hd kalitesinde görüntü analizi yapılır. Kargo tarama x-ray sistemi organik - inorganik ayrımı yapabilir. Scan büyük araç , taşıt içi görüntüleme sistemlerimiz 2 yıl garantilidir. 450 kva , 600 kva , 650 kva güçe kadar imal edilebilir.Bu güç oranı dünya üzerinde standart amaçlı 1- 10 mega elektro volt ( mev ) olarakta sınıflandırılır.Ups desteği ile elektrik kesintilerinde çalışmaya devam eder.

2. Hareketli x-ray araç tarama sistemlerimizde ; Araç sabit , şöför araçtan iner x-ray cihazı scanner mantığıyla duran aracın üzerinden geçerek tarama yapar . Alınan görüntüler uzak noktaya wi-fi ile nakil edilebilir. Ayrıtılı bilgi için lütfen firmamızla irtibata geçiniz. X-ray kamyon , tır , konteyner tarama sistemlerimizde L-shape sensör dizilimi kullanılır. Taranmış görüntülerden 3d görüntü elde edilmektedir. sistemlerimizde dual sensörler kullanımaktadır. Yazılım içinde plaka tanıma sistemi akupledir. Araç plakasından taşıtın en son taranmış görüntüsü , tarihi , ayı ile bir önceki giriş görüntüsünü kullanıcıya karşılaştıma olanağı sunar.Yerli imalat scan x-ray taşıt araç arama tarama sistemleri 10 yıl yedek parça bulundurma garantilidir.



AR 60 Mobile X-Ray System


Mobile Truck Scanners are cost effective, safe and
reliable system for the inspection of trucks, vehicles and cargo
containers for concealed contraband, smuggled goods and for
manifest verification.



‣ Easy to use
‣ Requires only one operator
‣ High throughput, can scan up to 60 trucks per hour
‣ It can scan single or multiple vehicles arranged in a row
‣ Includes a camera snapshot of scanned vehicle
‣ Allows to scan stationary vehicles, containers, air cargo and pallets

Optimized source to detector distance enhances penetration

‣ Complete imaging of cars and trucks without corner cut off of
containers or cargo
‣ Full image of truck or container contents
‣ Minimal infrastructure is easily integrated into existing facilities
‣ Automated scanning operation, no manual controls needed
‣ Designed for operation in all weather conditions
‣ Safe, low radiation levels
‣ Small-footprint







1. Wire resolution: 5mm
2. Spatial resolution: 11mm
3. Throughput: 30-60 trucks per hour
4. Scan Speeds: User selectable speeds of 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 m/s


The system operates from a single 15kVa 50/60 Hz power source.
Two voltage ranges are available.
Low Voltage Option
208 V AC , 3 phase , 3 or 4 wire plus ground , 60 Amp minimum surge
per leg +10% voltage regulation is required.
High Voltage Option
400 VAC, 3 phase, 4 wire plus ground, 40 Amp minimum surge per leg
+ 10% voltage regulation is required.
The TCU is connected to a separate 13kVA power source. Models are
available that can operate on a line voltage of 220 VAC and 400 VAC
at 50 Hz or 220 VAC and 480 VAC at 60 Hz. Separate10 kVA power
source may be required for the inline heater package.




1. VEDS, Vehicular Explosives Detection System using Thermal
Neutron Analysis to automatically detect the characteristic
signatures of explosives and narcotics
2. License plate snapshot with every image
3. Remote Supervision Station (Wireless Networking)
4. Image Database and Cold Weather Kit
5. RTIS - Passive detection of nuclear material
6. Cargo Viewer Simulator for operator training

Detector array type Folded "L" shaped detector array for total
truck imaging without corner cut-off

Tunnel height 5m
Tunnel width 4.7m
Target scan size Typical truck size: 4.5m high x 3m wide
Minimum scan height Lower than 355mm
Scanning modes Forward or Reverse scanning direction
Single or Multiple vehicles or cargo
Scanning Angle 10° oblique scanning angle to enhance false
wall detection






1. Remote Operator Viewing Station
2. CrystalClear and Quick Automatic Image Enhancement
3. Zoom (10X), Real-time Spot Zoom, Brightness control, Pseudo -
color, Emboss
4. Annotation, Histogram Adjustment, Log function, Square-root,
Impenetrable Area
5. Identification and Color Printing of Image
6. Training mode and Online Help
7. Automatic System Calibration and Diagnostics
8. Split window for comparing images and Full screen view, Save Area
of Interest
9. Image Archiving on CDRW,CD-R - Save Raw, BMP, JPG, TIFF
10. CCTV Surveillance system with image capture function


1. This system has an intrinsically lower radiation field when
compared to equivalent X-ray systems, this provides a smaller
operational area and exclusion safety zone
2. This system complies with US and international radiation safety
3. Red radiation on warning light
4. Audible alarm when radiation is On
5. Mechanical x- ray source indicator warning flag
6. Emergency stop button (ESTOP)
7. Key to turn system On/Off
8. Fail-safe radiation source On/Off mechanism



‣ X-Ray Head Low Leakage (0,1%)
‣ Modular / Power Distribution Cabinet External signal interface
‣ Temperature Control Unit (TCU)
The TCU is used to keep the system components at a nominal 30”C
(86”F). It is available in high voltage and low voltage configurations for
environment ranging from -40/+55 “C (-40/131”F) condensing
‣ Standard Spare Part Kit
The standard spare parts kit includes over 40 items such as PC boards
and individual components.
‣ Interconnecting Cables and Hoses Included
‣ Manuals and Data Books
‣ Two sets of operator and maintenance manuals and data books are
‣ Installation Supervision and Start -up Assistance
‣ Standard Leakage Radiation
‣ The leakage radiation is specified along the horizontal axis 1 meter
from the beam centerline at angles 60” and greater , outside the
primary beam. The values in table 3 are a fraction of the primary
beam central axis dose rate measured with a 10cm x 10cm
collimator. Leakage is taken with a primary beam completely



In contrast to conventional algorithms, this system intended for lower
energy. Material discrimination algorithms were developed from the
ground up to deal with unique physics of megavolt particle
interactions. In particular, software feature gauges the confidence level
of every material discrimination assessment and only colors those
areas that have been discriminated to high confidence. Material
discrimination solution offers remarkably repeatable and trustworthy
results by automatically distinguishing reliable from ambiguous

Viewer feature allows operators to use multiple custom color maps ,
even on the same image.

If a user wants to concentrate on the difference between organic and
inorganic objects or between metals and high-Z materials, a number
of color maps can be applied to quickly identify these characteristics.
Users can select from an infinite color palette to assign desired colors
to specific materials or cargo types.