GSM Monitoring System

GSM Monitoring System

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GSM Monitoring System


Depending on the system of the monitored GSM-network and the used device, it is also possible to monitor and record conversations with.  Allows full control of all incoming and outgoing conversations of the monitored mobile phones.

All incoming conversations and text messages are recorded on the hard disk of the hard disk.

It is possible to follow a target GSM mobile phone.

The surrounding area is close to all active mobile phones offers connection possibilities of detection and target cell phone. contact is made by the purchaser.

Fixed and mobile use is possible.

For government agencies.





Components :


Network Access Station, BT Unit, Computer  Software, Antennas.


Frequency Ranges: 850 – 900/1800 – 1900 MHz


Operating Range: 0 – 500 m


Power Supply: 12 V DC,220V


Connectors: LAN-T, Antennas, Power Supply



for prisons, and determined to pursue unauthorized users of GSM phones


sales made to public institutions