Portable X-Ray Bagaj Scanner Görüntüleme

Portable X-Ray Bagaj Scanner Görüntüleme

- Ürün Kodu: PXRY-01
- Stok Durumu: Stokta var


Portable X-Ray Bagaj Scanner Görüntüleme



  • Relatively small dimensions and lightweight of the system
  • Autonomous power supply
  • Complete wireless connection, can be used to remotely control
  • Powerful imaging software
  • Friendly multilingual interface
  • Operators don't need massive training



Physical Specifications

Unit weight (kgs)

x-ray source: 13.3; detection box: 9.6 kgs

Unit size (mm)

x-ray source: 545(L)*185(W)*205(H); detection box: 553(L)*85(W)*376(H)


wooden pallet

Gross weight (kgs)


Packing size

#1: 620*223*256cm


#2: 640*125*454cm

General Specifications


40mm alu. Plate

Scanning Area

420*300 mm

Wire Resolution

dia 0.0787mm copper wire (AWG40)

Penetration Resolution

dia 0.203mm copper wire under three-step aluminum wedge 9.5mm, 15.9mm, 22.2mm

Spatial resolution:

dia1.0mm,Vertical: dia1.0mm

Wifi transmission distance

30m above

Detection box


Rechargable battery

no less than 6600mA

X-ray Generator (single)

Anode Voltage

80 -120 kv

Anode power

0.5-1mA (adjustable)

Cooling / Duty Cycle

Oil Cooling /100%

Power Consumption

0.12 KVA

Image System

Multi-energetic distinguish

organic objects in orange, inorganic objects in blue, mixture in green

Image storage

Storage 100,000 pictures in real time

Autonomy when powered by the battery in registration mode (number of images) up to 400 images

Image Processing

Black / white, Color, abundant energy , variable absorptive, elimination of inanimate matter, elimination of organism, superenhance,
reversed color, high energy penetration, low energy penetration, image strengthening, image lightening, reducing
darkening, etc.

IOperating Environment

Operation temperature/Humidity

-10℃-45℃ / 5%-85%(non-condensing)

Storage Temperature/Humidity

-40℃to 70℃ / 5%-85%(non-condensing)

Operation Power

220VAC(±10%) 50±3Hz (Optional: 100VAC,110VAC,120VAC,200VAC)


Built in nickel-metal hydride battery

Computer and other


High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 14inch

Hard Disk

SEAGATE 500G 3.5"


Intel M 1.7 GHz



* ISO19001 ; ISO14001 ; OHSMS18001 ;
* CE
* Maximum X-ray leakage of less than 5 μSv/h(0.5mR/h) measured at 5cm from any external surface. (European standard -
less than 1 μSv/h(0.1mR/h) measured at 10cm from any external surface)

National (China)

* Health Inspection Report
* Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate
* Software Product Registration Certificate
* Radiation Safety Certificate from Ministry of Public Security
* Quality Certification from Safety and Police Electronic Products Quality Inspection Center
* Design pantent certification: Patent No. : 201020700245.2 ; Patent No. : 201020700245.8 ; Patent No. : 201020700256.0