Anti Drone Silahı-Dronegun

Anti Drone Silahı-Dronegun

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Anti Drone Silahı - Dronegun


Anti-drone Jammer & Drone Gun


Portable Backpack Jammer


Vehicle Type Jammer


TECHNOLOGY Vehicle Type Jammer


High-Tech Jammer systems various applications are developed by ARİA Technology R-D engineers.

Our jammers enables the electronic devices to be electronically inactivated by sending white noise to the receiver circuit of the electronic devices which are controlled and controlled by remote wireless RF link signals.

By analyzing the existing threats and considering customer demands, jammers can be produced according to the desired freguency.



Anti Drone Portable Backpack | Vehicle Type


High Effective Distance

Wide Coverage

DDS Based  

DSP Controlled

High Resolution DAC

24/7 Working in Every Condition


12-24 V DC/DC Adapter

12 V DC Charging Eguipment

Vehicle Integration Kit


Comprehensive Technical Properties


Jammer Type


  • DSP Controlled
  • DDS Based



Freguency Range


  • 20-500 MHz
  • 791-821MHz
  • 925-960 MHz
  • 1805-1880 MHz
  • 2010-2025 MHz
  • 2110-2170 MHz
  • 2400-2484 MHz
  • 2620-2690 MHz
  • 5.8 GHz  ( Optional )




360 Shield Protection




Working Principle


Manual Deactivation

Automatic Deactivation ( Optional )